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About Varied / Hobbyist Zoe Aurora Ragsdale {Zoe von Zalgo}21/Female/United States Recent Activity
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Please don't go
"Wake up, wake up!
Survive this wound just a little longer...
Look up at me, please.
Think of your son, your daughter...
Open those beautiful eyes
Listen, my words, do you understand?
Look at me! Stay here!
Do not think of the pain, just squeeze my hand...
Breathe calmly, I'll hold you.
My love, Why are you crying?
No, I will not scold you.
No, don't say that...You're not dying...
Just think of your family...
Your children, your precious babies...
They need their mommy...
...Stop saying you're sorry...
This fault is mine, not yours...
I had one task
Yet're hurt.
An arrow straight through your back.
Keep squeezing my hand
Let me know your strength.
I know it hurts
But you must push back the pain.
You do not deserve any of this...
You look so sad, so stricken.
You're beautiful, out and in.
But that damned man...he made this all happen...
You love him, I know...
Yet he did not protect you!
But neither did I...
But what has he to show?
I tried, I stayed by you
I never made you f
:iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 1 0
Final Plea - Recluse
My Lord, My Prince.
I have fallen... have failed
So suddenly, oh suddenly,
 I become so frail?
This feeling such pain, can be eased oh so gently,
So gently to fade, these stains
...Please comfort me, while my soul remains...
With Words, a Phrase
Too strong for a demon...
A power to angels
So misused by humans...
Please, whisper and flatter me with that sweet phrase...
Bring me that smile, that a frown since replaced...
...It does not ever matter, that you say them in ...vain...
Please let me hear them!
From your strong, deep tone.
I beg of you! Do not mean them!
Pretend for a moment...Do not let me go...
Feeling all
:iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 1 7
Eye Doodle by Primal-Blurr Eye Doodle :iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 4 1 Cybergoth Chibi WIP by Primal-Blurr Cybergoth Chibi WIP :iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 3 3 Cortex WIP by Primal-Blurr Cortex WIP :iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 1 3
Character Profile: Vasper Ross
Character Description
General Information
First name:  Vasper
Middle name(s): Anthony
Surname: Ross
Age:  29
Date of birth:  June 15
Race: American, German, Austrian, and Italian
Gender:  Male
Sexuality:  Bisexual, mostly Gay
Current residence:  None of your business
Relationship status:  Taken...
Social status:  Rather not say
Traits of Voice
Accent (if any):  Brooklyn Accent
Language spoken:  English
Other languages known: Some German, that's it...
Style of speaking:  Monotone, Growl-like voice, stern
Volume of voice: Low
Physical Appearance
Height: 6'
Weight:  130 lbs.
Eye colour: Grey
Skin colour:  Fair.
Shape of face:  Oval/Inverted Triangle -Look it up...
Distinguishing features:  I look pissed all the time...and my eyes are narrow, and my eyebrows are arched to where they look like I am angered, and I have a natural frown.
Build of body: Fit, toned, Broad shouldered and I have somewha
:iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 1 4
My Daily Life by Primal-Blurr My Daily Life :iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 1 12
Angels and Memories
    The little girls sweet voice echoed down the hall, her father's feline ear pricked at the sound, and he sat up from his bed.  He exited his warm berth and walked down the hall, so he could tend to his angel.
"Yes Kaiu?  Is something wrong?" He asked in a light tone, his red eyes shining brightly in the pitch dark room.  Kaiu's own, deep lavender eyes dimly glowed as well, peering up at her father's more animalistic eyes, like a cat.  
"I'm cold" She admitted in a small but cute voice.  She was always shy when she spoke, since she usually remained quiet and normally would just giggle and play.
Her father gave a small nod, "I will get a few extra blankets, I will be right back."  He turned and went back up the hall, to his own room closet and picked out a few warm blankets for her.
"W-Wait!...Daddy?..." Kaiu said in her tiny voice just before her father left her room.  He must have not heard her, despite his keen hearin
:iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 2 3
Ponder -1-
    Zasca lay in his bed silently, pondering what he had overheard Tallhei and Cortex discussing.  There might be a war soon?  Zasca could not cease such wonders from polluting his mind, he just could not imagine such things to be true.  The thought of blood spilling over the still-recovering ground of Planet Sera -where the previous Great War had taken place almost a century ago- made him uneasy.  The Great War had wiped out almost all of the Serans, leaving that planet lonely with almost no inhabitants but the wildlife, and the ruins of the cities. He did not know it all by experience though, he had only listened while Lord Cortex taught him of the all that had gone on, and listened while Lux shared his experience when fighting in the war.   Zasca was sickened by simply imagining what he was told, it was not a war to be proud of.  Lux had a hard time speaking of the war, he looked ashamed when he spoke of the battles and what they had done
:iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 1 2
My car by Primal-Blurr My car :iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 1 2
Mature content
Sick :iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 1 0
Mature content
Lashed Part 2: Breakage :iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 3 0
Vlatikan Info- Races: Harenafur
Harenafur - a Vlatikan race of sand/earth-dwelling thieves who live deep in the desert, the only way they fight to survive in the hazardous conditions is to ambush outsiders and steal their food/water/other belongings.  They are raised with brutal and nearly deadly physical training and their customs are often violent.  When a boy's voice begins to deepen, they are sentenced to a customary 'ritual', where they are set in an arena to fight a large desert beast with only using two very heavy broadswords.  If they survive and kill the beast they are adorned and praised, deemed worthy of being a man.  The Herenafur are usually very tan, muscular due to their extensive training, and very tall, the men reach about 7'1" tall while women are 6'3" tall.  Their hair ranges from a fiery orange to a deep vermillion red, and their eyes range from orange, to gold, to a bright yellow.  The desert is very vast, almost endless-seeming. 
:iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 1 0
Mature content
Humility- Intro/Chapter 1 :iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 1 4
Radius had no idea what to do...
He just wanted to go home and be in his own bed than in this dank pitch dark room.  He trembled and tried to see at least something but it was too dark for any eyes to adjust to it. The room was completely lightless...
The blonde whimpered and rubbed his eyes with his little fists.  He tried his best not to cry, tried his very hardest...
   Luther woke up in the middle of the night, he looked down at his lover lying in front of him and frowned.  The poor boy was shaking. Luther gently placed a hand on Radius' cheek, feeling how clammy his pale soft skin was. He could tell right away that Radius was having another nightmare, the blonde had been struggling to sleep lately because of them.
   "Shhh..." Luther softly tried to soothe the boy without waking him, just wanting to take his fear and pain away. His large hand raked through his lovers soft blonde locks and stared down at him quietly. 
:iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 3 0
Retentivity - Introduction/ First Chapter
Retentivity - Intro
"Will she wake?"
"I am not quite sure my Lord...she suffered a hard blow....and if she does wake...I suspect she will have a long way to go before she returns to herself, there will be a long recovery...especially if her memories are lost..." The medic replied, her yellow eyes looking at the wounded woman on the bed.  The man sighed a deep sigh, almost growling.
"If she does not awaken, your life will be ripped from you" He swore, giving the aid a hard look. "Do you understand, Falha?..."
"Y-Yes Lord Ganondorf, I understand..." Falha replied quietly, bowing her head. The Dark King dismissed her momentarily, to fetch some water, and looked down at the injured Gerudo. She lay almost lifeless upon the bed, in her own room.  
Ganondorf sighed and rubbed his forehead, going over to the woman. His hand hovered above her forehead, and his hand began to give a dark glow.  The older man used his magic to heal the wound on her head, causin
:iconprimal-blurr:Primal-Blurr 1 0


Zelda: Memories of the Past by Adella Zelda: Memories of the Past :iconadella:Adella 857 194 LinkxIlia WIP by Adella LinkxIlia WIP :iconadella:Adella 458 125 white foxes by ultramaryna white foxes :iconultramaryna:ultramaryna 2,356 72
YouTube Video
Go check out my latest MMD video!
It will only take up 21 seconds of your life xD
:iconakanerules:AkaneRules 1 3
Laughing Octopus by htanjo Laughing Octopus :iconhtanjo:htanjo 1,159 68 GWOH HOH by KuchenKAT GWOH HOH :iconkuchenkat:KuchenKAT 151 122 Kaiju by KuchenKAT Kaiju :iconkuchenkat:KuchenKAT 214 51 SNEK by KuchenKAT SNEK :iconkuchenkat:KuchenKAT 33 25 WW Dorf Doodle by KuchenKAT WW Dorf Doodle :iconkuchenkat:KuchenKAT 65 34 - It's Not Enough - by HotaruThodt - It's Not Enough - :iconhotaruthodt:HotaruThodt 196 71 There's No Saving Me... by HotaruThodt There's No Saving Me... :iconhotaruthodt:HotaruThodt 87 244 Hyrule Heroes Baseball T Shirt by Enlightenup23 Hyrule Heroes Baseball T Shirt :iconenlightenup23:Enlightenup23 49 7 LOZ Din, Nayru, Farore Triforce Pendants by Enlightenup23 LOZ Din, Nayru, Farore Triforce Pendants :iconenlightenup23:Enlightenup23 83 5 Ganondorf by WhyDesignStudios Ganondorf :iconwhydesignstudios:WhyDesignStudios 187 17


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Journal History

  • Listening to: The Art Of Suicide
  • Reading: My own personal journal.
  • Watching: my ankle bleed
  • Playing: with knives
  • Eating: Ipecac
  • Drinking: Ipecac
Questions that I stole from her because I am bored and depressed so here:

1. We all know what we call you, what about the folks at home? What's your name?
Zoe, Zalgo, Bunny{Golgotha is the only one allowed to call me that<3}, Lux, Jak, Rags, Bitch

2. How tall are you?

3. Natural hair color?

4. What about eye color?

5. What orientation are you?
95% lesbian

6. Are you single, taken, or undecided?
I dont know...</3
Single I guess...

7. What do you do in your spare time?
Sit home alone, no one invites me anywhere...

8. What's your job?
To make people laugh and then be completely forgotten about, to be used and bullied and hated.

9. What's one thing you like about yourself?
Nothing anymore...

10. Alright, now what about something you dislike about yourself?
Mass Depression, my entire being, my weak sensitivity, everything, my living.

11. What's some things your friends noticed about you when they first met you?
I seem like a total bitch when it comes to first impressions.  But I am very funny

12. Of what faith/religion are you(if any at all?)
   I worship Din, Nayru, and Farore
      Just kidding, I have no religion.  But everyone is surprised that I am not satanic...

13. Do you drink?

14. Do you smoke?

15. What are your fears?
Living, Cars, Losing the person I care about, Confusion, Being alone, being ignored, being replaced, being raped, people seeing me cry,  people knowing how sensitive I really am...

16. What are your dreams/goals?
To be murdered/dead or something...

17. Ever had any crushes/ex's in the past/present?

18. Who's your best bud?
Geneva, Drusilla, Tori, Z

19. Alright, you got the cravin' for munchies, what'cha reachin' for?

20. Favorite drink?
Cream Soda, Peach Soda, Dr. Pepper

21. Favorite color?
Red, black, Blue, Grey, Purple, Toxic Green

22. If you had any super power, what would it be?
I would like to be able to have the same unknown ability that Iguanas have, to by some means end my own life by an unknown chemical reaction from within the body.

23. Favorite movie?
Spirited Away, The Devil's Carnival, Transformers(any TF movie},  The Grudge

24. Least favorite food?
Meat Loaf, Pork Chops, Brussels Sprouts, Hamburger Helper

25. Quick! You have only one meal left before you die!!! What is it?

26. What do you drive/wish you drove?
I drive a 2003 Jeep Liberty <3  it rides so smoothly

27. Most disliked bug?
Misquito, Gnat, Misquito 'Hawk', Those fat brownish colored Dragonflies that are not pretty at all

28. Most hated pet peeves?
People, Humanity, Children, Complete Silence, Everyone,  being interrupted, getting 0 attention, being upstaged

29. Dislike in life?
Life itself, MY life, children, everyone, myself

30. Most annoying?
Children, Everyone

31. Most disliked TV show?
Any reality show, or Chowder...I fucking hate chowder...


Primal-Blurr's Profile Picture
Zoe Aurora Ragsdale {Zoe von Zalgo}
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello I'm Zalgo and I'm an addict.

Just kidding....

HELLO! My name is Zoe! I go by two nicknames, (Zalgo)Zoe von Zalgo or Ragmeister!

I am a spitfire, music-loving, and fetish-stained, goth girl who loves to hug, corrupt, and GO INSANE!!!

My doll: :iconakanerules:/:iconevilakanerules: they're the same person~

I am an artist of many talents! I am a visual, and preforming artist! I love to draw and write, and dancing is my passion! I enjoy being silly and making people laugh, and I love fiction\Fantasy\Science\Art. My imagination has no boundaries!. I can sometimes be a sarcastic wise-ass or a very literal lass. If I have an opinion, I will gladly SHARE IT! AND If you misspell something, I will point it out! If I misspell something, PLEASE tell me!

I am NOT mean! I AM BLUNT! Which means I can tell if you are a little naive or INCREDIBLY F*CKING STUPID!

I can be an abslute adorable sweetheart, or a spitfire asshole ! Either way, I am very narcissistic and egotistical! I love my friends and love to get hugs WHENEVER I can!

My other hobbies include:

--Drawing - (Alllll the tiiiiiime)
--Dancing - (Everyday)
--Writing - (Stories, poems, lyrics, fanfictions, etcetera...)
--Editing Pictures - (I do this quite often)
--Reading fanfictons - (Alllll theeee tiiiiime)
--Obsessing over Legend of Zelda and Transformers - (My two favorite things in the world<3)
--Making Jewelry - ( I am a rookie at it :P )
--RPing - (RolePlaying)
--LARPing/Cosplaying - (Rare, since I do not hang out with many LARPers)
--Playing Video Games - (Legend of Zelda...and COD and Lollipop Chainsaw)
--Fangirling over Antagonist characters that I find oddly attractive - (Bane, Ganondorf, Loki, Shockwave{Transformers}, Ganondorf, Zed{Lollipop Chainsaw}, Ganondorf, Starscream)

My influences and Idols are!:
Zoog Von Rock {Angelspit}
Little Jimmy Urine {Mindless Self Indulgence}
Emilie Autumn
Amelia Arsenic {Angelspit}
M Manson
Ganondorf (I adore him. I have my reasons why)
Darth Maul
Toshio Saeki (The Artist)

I am an absolute weirdo, who finds the WEIRDEST THINGS attractive and romantic!

My Favorite things:
--Smell: Smoke/Chlorine Pools/Cooking
--Flavor: ANYTHING TERYAKI/ Salty Foods/Spicy things/Bitter foods!
--Food: Shrimp Fried Rice/Doritos/Sushi/Pasta of any kind!
--Sound: Music/The sound firewood crackling<3/whispering/growling/lauughing
--Feeling: HUGS/warmth/heat/cuddling/laughter/tickling
--Movies: Spirited Away/Dark Knight Rises/ Ju-On the Grudge/ Shutter/ Holocaust Documentaries
--Comics: BATMAN!
--TV Shows: Transformers Generation 1/Invader Zim/Big Bang Theory/Batman Animated Series/ Ghost Adventures

If you wish to know any more Information about me, ASK! I would love to answer MOST questions!


Ganondorf avatar 2 by 329Summer




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